Designer Eyewear For Student & Alumni Budgets

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Meet SpecsX. Better Vision. Brighter Futures.

At SpecsX, we're changing the game in eyecare and eyewear for students and alumni. We believe in high-quality, accessible vision care without the hefty price tag. With our annual membership, ($48) FREE with your student or alumni VIP code, you unlock exclusive, at-cost access to stylish glasses and contact lenses.

No More Overpaying

Forget about eyewear brands marking up prices by up to 800%. With SpecsX, what you see is what you get – top-notch eyewear at-cost, with zero mark-ups and hidden fees.

Protect Your Vision

In an era of screen overload, regular eye check-ups are crucial. Keep your eyes healthy and your style on point without breaking the bank.

Fashion Meets Function

Dive into our wide range of chic, designer frames that reflect your unique style and personality, all within your budget.

Easy-Peasy Eye Care

Balancing classes, work, and social life? We bring exceptional eyecare right to your campus with flexible scheduling and AI-powered eye exams. It's convenient, quick, and tailored for you.

As a SpecsX member, you're not just buying glasses; you're joining a movement for affordable and fashionable vision care. Why settle for less when you can have the best for a fraction of the price?

"Designer Eyewear For Student & Alumni Budgets"

Your vision, your budget.

Enjoy our exclusive eyewear at-cost price, plus a simple $5 dispensing fee per order, with your student or alumni VIP code.


SpecsX Campus Vision Is For You If…

● Squinting at textbooks is your new normal...

● Choosing style means choosing affordability...

● Blurry late-night study sessions are a regular thing...

● You’re a fashion-forward, budget-savvy student...

Being a SpecsX member is like having an exclusive “dealer” for all of your eyewear. While your friends spend hundreds of dollars on their glasses, you can rock your Specs knowing you get a new pair every year for a FRACTION of the price.

How The Process Works

“Changing the way you think about eyewear”


Become a SpecsX Exclusive Member: Activate your FREE membership using your school's VIP code, taking the original $48 fee down to zero. Every order, whether it's glasses, contacts, or sunglasses, comes with a nominal $5 dispensing fee, covering all your chosen items.


Choose Your Eyewear: Access hundreds of styles and designer eyewear at-cost, no hidden fees.


Reap the Rewards: Share your referral code, earn points, and get free eyewear.

Next-Gen Eyes Need Cutting-Edge Care

We're revolutionizing student and alumni eye care. SpecsX partners with universities, and we offer advanced, affordable solutions such as local experts (powered with AI) to bring you the best in vision health.

Digital Eye Testing: Any Campus, Anytime!

Say goodbye to long waits for eye exams. Our digital testing means you can check your eyes on campus anytime. Convenient, quick, and tailored to your busy schedule.


Satisfied Eyeballs

I switched to SpecsX for my contact lenses, and I'm saving over $650 a year compared to other popular sites. The $48 annual membership fee is worth it for its quality and convenience. Their customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend them for great value and quality.

Connor Mack

FAQs For The SpecsX Campus Vision Program

*Offer includes a nominal $5 dispensing fee per order. Terms apply.